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About Daniella


I am here to help you live life peacefully!

Daniella N. Shaw serves as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist and Qualified Supervisor assisting clients in Florida and Massachusetts. Daniella specializes in Depression and Anxiety management, adolescents and family systems. Daniella works extensively with couples having relationship issues to help them resolve conflict, recover from loss/trauma, and enhance communication to maintain healthier relationships. If you are struggling to effectively manage Personality disorders, Grief & major loss, chronic illness, and caregiver stress (experienced by families, friends, and professionals), Daniella is here to help you during this time in your life journey. 

Daniella is well versed in the cognitive correlation between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Her therapeutic style blends psycho-education and intervention in the form of increasing emotional awareness, behavior modification skills, and maintaining healthier lifestyle practices. Her main treatment modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy. Daniella is a comforting clinician who genuinely connects with her clients. She believes in developing a transparent therapeutic relationship by allowing her clients to educate her on their life experiences, goals, desires, and struggles. 

Daniella is also a nonprofit founder, innovative leader, and community advocate. The purpose of our community organization is to connect with other community leaders, provide mental health and wellness services to those with restricted access, provide informational and support groups, and build and maintain positive community connections.  

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